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General about the act

At the beginning of the game the waves, designed to destroy everything in its path, covers the city. But in the game district the mysterious mechanism was launched and the time stopped. For all outside residents, the events within the segment have frozen state, but for the inhabitants of the district the time continues to go. 

Our character working as illuminator in the theater. The player will have to solve the game situation, where all citizens are caught in a trap. People can’t leave the district, but they will not be able to live long.

Exploring the world

There are six segments for decoration on the theater's stage. Player can put a several decorations into each one on the segments. There are several brands of decoration, which are represents real buildings on the map. The stage itself represents all game space. City building appears in the direction corresponding to the filled segment on the stage.


Strange mechanism was launched, knowing about the upcoming disaster, after which a few houses and a theater plunged into the frozen time state. For the outside world all within a quarter stopped, but for the player time keeps going in the district. Character need to solve the problem, before the fuel for the theater mechanism runs out.

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